This is Part Two of Jerri and Jacob’s winter photo shoot. See here for Part One, when we went to North Park, using the frozen lake for a wintry backdrop. But why stop there? December means not just winter, but holidays, and holidays means lights. And lights mean night! So after our time in the park, we drove downtown and took advantage of the lights outside the UPMC Building. After a little break to warm up, we went to the Hotel Monaco rooftop, where we surrounded by the rooftop bistro lights as well as all the surrounding buildings. I love these photos so much! Thanks again to Jerri and Jacob for braving Pittsburgh winter for these photos.

And big thanks also to Pamela for her lighting help! I could not have done this session without her assistance.





downtown-pittsburgh-winter-night-photos-hotel-monaco-rooftop-2 downtown-pittsburgh-winter-night-photos-hotel-monaco-rooftop