+ My Approach to Wedding Photography


In your wedding photos, I want you to look your best. But still like you. Not like you and your new spouse are models in a styled magazine shoot. Just happy, radiant people. If you’re not ordinarily gazing into the distance with a fierce, sultry expression, your wedding day probably isn’t the best time to start. I will offer direction to be sure you’re in a beautiful location with the best possible light, and just enough posing guidance to be sure that you look like a relaxed, happy, gorgeous YOU.


For most of the day, I’m a wedding photojournalist. Much of what happens on a wedding day would happen regardless of whether you had a photographer! For the times of the day that are not specifically happening for photography (family photos, bridal party photos, couple portraits), I aim to stay in the background as much as possible. Sometimes I may offer some guidance, if I think it won’t negatively impact you, but it will positively impact your photos. Most often this is just a matter of making sure you’re in the best possible light.


Time is the most precious commodity on a wedding day. I never lose sight of that. This day you have planned for months, (or years!) will go by quickly. Do you want to spend any more time than necessary posing for pictures? Is it worth keeping your guests waiting? I’m committed to making sure that we have a good plan for the day.  I also prepare for all of your organized photos (family photos, bridal party, couple portraits) so that we use our time as efficiently as possible. You should never be standing around waiting for me.