A month before Christmas, I received an unexpected message. It was from Jerri. Jerri has been on this blog before… twice… but it’s been a long time! In July 2010, I photographed an engagement session in the Strip District for Jerri and her then-fiance Jacob. And then in August 2010, I photographed their wedding at her parents’ home. Weather wasn’t on our side that day, but they couldn’t have been happier.

So now, here we are, six and a half years later. Jerri and Jacob now live in sunny Los Angeles, but were coming back to Pittsburgh and the east coast for the holidays. Jerri asked if we could do a winter photo shoot. Are you kidding?! I love winter, so I happily said YES.

But you never know when winter is going to appear. We did have snow the week before they came, but by the day of our scheduled shoot it was gone. Not to worry… I had another idea. I spend a lot of time in North Park, and knew that the lake was mostly frozen. With some creative composition, I knew we could frame the photos with the lake and provide the wintry look Jerri wanted. So here is Part One of their session… Part Two will follow. In Part Two, we ventured downtown and took advantage of city lights and the Hotel Monaco rooftop.

Jerri and Jacob, considering you’re Californians now, you were very brave and endured winter amazingly well! Thanks so much for this.

north-park-winter-photo-session-2 north-park-winter-photo-session north-park-winter-photo-session-3 north-park-winter-photo-session-4 north-park-winter-photo-session-8 north-park-winter-photo-session-7 north-park-winter-photo-session-6 north-park-winter-photo-session-5 north-park-winter-photo-session-9