Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer & Videographer

Hello there! I’m Christina and I’m so happy you’re here.

There’s nothing like taking part in one of the most memorable, significant days in a couple’s relationship. Watching the joy shared by brides and grooms, the pride and emotions of the parents… it never gets old. I love being able to document moments that matter. Wedding videos are wonderful, because video can tell a deeper, more complete emotional story. I can work with you on photography, video, or both.

I’m a a Bucks County native, but I’ve been in Pittsburgh now for 20+ years. When I’m not working, I love reading, audio books, and exploring the trails of North Park (especially in winter), usually with my fuzzy rescue dogs, Iroh and Hattie. And of course, spending time with my husband (he makes the most amazing pizza, which goes great with pale ale) and our two boys.

My team and I believe weddings are about love and family. Photos and video are important, but you can’t get great photos and video unless you’re having a great time. We aim to find the balance between creating beautiful memories while making sure you have a fabulous time with family & friends.

I’d love to hear your story! Let’s connect.



Christina and Nicki started shooting weddings together in 2011!

Nicki loves finding the beauty in unique situations.  She sees beauty in all the things around her, and captures that art in cinema. An avid traveler, Nicki’s wanderings have enriched her in immeasurable ways, and given her immense appreciation for the diversity and fascination that surrounds us every day.  Nicki is also extraordinarily capable with tools, and renovated her entire house. She even installed a floor made out of pennies!