When it rains on your wedding day, your options are limited. Postponement isn’t an option. And you’re restricted by your ceremony and reception locations.

But what about for engagement sessions?

Well, it depends. When you schedule your engagement session, I’m going to ask you how you feel about weather and rescheduling. If you’re traveling from out of town, I understand that you may not have the luxury of postponing. In that case, we’ll work together to find either an indoor venue or somewhere under cover. There are options here – it depends on what you’re looking for. Maybe you have a favorite restaurant or coffee shop you’d like to visit. Or even bowling! You can look through some of the other indoor options in my Location Guide Map for more ideas, like the Carnegie Museum, or the Pitt and Carnegie Mellon campuses.

If you look through past engagement sessions, you’ll probably notice that most of them have sunny blue skies. Some of these couples lucked out and picked a date when the weather was perfect. But… this is Pittsburgh. We all know there’s no guarantee of sunny blue skies here. So, when we pick a date, I’m going to ask you how important those sunny blue skies are to you. If you must have them, and the forecast is showing a strong chance of Pittsburgh gloom the day before, we’ll touch base and discuss whether we want to go ahead and reschedule. And we’ll continue to keep in touch before making the final call.

We can still get beautiful photos without sun. I’ll be sure to come prepared with lights, so even if the sky is gray, we’ll find a way to make that look work for you. But if you have your heart on sunny skies, it’s okay to reschedule.