Pittsburgh Wedding Venue Location and Photography Guide

Mellon Park – SHADYSIDE

What’s to Love about MELLON PARK

  • One of my most favorite wedding photo locations in the whole Pittsburgh area!
  • Iron gates, stone walls, a fountain, brick, plus beautiful landscaping and flowers. Many, many great photo options here.
  • Spring is my favorite season here, but it’s beautiful in fall and summer too. Convenient to Heinz Chapel and St. Paul’s Cathedral, as well as Cavalry Episcopal and any of the Shadyside churches.

But keep in mind…

  • There are festivals here sometimes, so be sure to check the park schedule before you plan a session here.



Engagement session at Mellon Park iron gates
Silhouetted couple on a bench in Mellon Park
Engaged couple in Mellon Park next to wall covered with white flowers
September engagement session in Mellon Park
Mellon Park Engagement Photos
September engagement session with Black Eyed susans
Snuggling engaged couple with white and yellow flowers

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