Pittsburgh Wedding Venue Location and Photography Guide


Why is the Convention Center Riverfront Park a good choice for wedding photos or an engagement session?

  • The walkway under the convention center is entirely covered, making this a viable option for a rainy day.
  • Water rushing over the sides of the entire sides of the walkway makes a spectacular sight (when it’s turned on – I haven’t figured out the pattern yet).
  • At the end of the park, you have a beautiful view of Pittsburgh’s three yellow bridges to one side, and the old iron railroad bridge on the other side.
  • Walking distance to the Heinz History Center… sort of… see below.

But keep in mind…

  • It’s no secret that this is an option for rainy wedding days! If you head here on a rainy day, you will likely encounter other wedding parties seeking refuge too.
  • There really is no place at all to park. You’ll need to have transportation drop you off, or be prepared to walk from a nearby parking lot like the Hampton Inn. It’s not that far… but, on a rainy day, or a really hot or cold day, or a day that you’ve chosen shoes for style over comfort, it will feel like a long walk.
  • When the water feature is turned on, it is REALLY loud in here.


1000 Fort Duquesne Blvd,
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Groom Portrait Pittsburgh Convention Center Pittsburgh Wedding Photography
Convention Center Riverfront Park Pittsburgh

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