Why is Washington’s Landing a good choice for wedding photos or an engagement session?

  • There is a lot to offer here! You can get a lot of diversity in the look of your photos. At the northern end of the island, you have the stone steps and a view of the Allegheny River and 40th Street Bridge. There are also very pretty trees, stone walls, a brick archway and an open grassy area. There are some very pretty benches and trellises (is that the right plural form? I don’t know). And at the southern end of the island, there’s a bridge with similar architecture to the Hot Metal Street bridge. I love this location!

Any caveats?

  • Be prepared to do a little walking. The stone steps are a little bit of a walk from the closest parking area. And at the other end, the bridge is a bit of a walk from the closest public parking as well.
  • There are events here sometimes. Be prepared that there can be a lot of people, tents and portapotties.
Washington's Landing stone steps Pittsburgh

Remember to consider what time your photo session will take place! Each photo has a not-particularly-attractive time stamp on it., because time of day is critical to creating beautiful photos. 6:30pm might be the perfect time of day for photos at the North Shore in May… but if you go at 6:30pm in November, it’s going to be dark.