Don’t let your photos slumber in your iPad! Technology has brought us far, but there’s still no substitute for holding a book in your hands. Should you order an album? Yes!

The choices can be a little bit overwhelming. There are three major choices you have to make:

  1. Type
  2. Cover
  3. Size

Choosing which type of album comes first, because the type of album will affect the types of covers available. Here’s a handy chart that breaks down the three types of albums:


Type of album

Cover choices

Interior pages

Flush Mount Album

  • Lustre coated photographic prints mounted on substrate
  • Pages are very thick, rigid, sturdy

Photo Book

  • Lustre coated photographic prints adhered back to back (not mounted)
  • Pages are thicker than regular paper, but not as thick or rigid as a flush mount

Press Printed Book

  • Press printed (ink on paper) on high quality paper
  • Hinged pages lay flat
  • Thin pages
  • Good for guestbooks – easy to write on