Why a Wedding Video?

Photos are wonderful and essential. But when it comes to capturing emotion and telling your story, there’s nothing like hearing your voices as you say your vows. Those deep breaths that come right before the bride walks down the aisle. The smiles and cheers when the newlyweds are announced! These are the moments where your personalities come to life, and you’ll be swept back up in the emotions and memories of your marriage and celebration. These are the moments where videos immerse you emotionally in a way that photos can’t.

Take a look at the videos on the right. You’ll experience these couples’ wedding stories brought to life in a way that photography can’t do. I often hear, “I cried through all your movies, and I don’t even know these people!” That’s a sign of a well-crafted wedding film.

Book Photo and Video Together

If you’re planning to have both photography and video (a great idea!), there are benefits to working with one team:

  • Guarantees a photo/video team that works well together
  • Streamlines the planning process, as one person (Christina) manages all the timeline details
  • One less contract to sign, one less vendor to pay, one less person to communicate with!

When you contact me, be sure to mention that you’re interested in both photography and video.