Who is Pamela, and why is she here?

I am a Pittsburgh native, though I did float around the U.S and beyond a bit – NYC to Central America to California – before setting roots back in Pittsburgh with my husband and 3 adorable kids.

Photography is my true passion. In the past 10+ years I have specialized in wedding photography while nurturing my love for photojournalism as a newspaper freelancer. My perspective is so profoundly shaped by my photography training that I find myself seeing light and composition everywhere.
In my free time I enjoy designing and creating jewelry, spending quality time with a glass of wine and a group of friends, and experimenting with some personal fine art photography projects.

+ Pamela’s Approach


The single most important attribute that I believe will contribute to your beautiful, emotional images is my friendly (goofy) disposition! Let’s avoid those stiff, posed images and get to know each other a little. It’s a lot easier to relax in front of a friend, than in front of a stranger with a camera. It’s for this reason that I strongly encourage an engagement session with every package, so that we get comfortable working together. It makes a world of difference in your finished wedding photos.

Look Good

I shoot with a fine art documentary style. What does that mean? Throughout the main events, think newspaper coverage… telling the story of your day as it unfolds, capturing rich emotion and joy! But I don’t rely just on chance, to create beautiful artistic images of the bride and groom on their wedding day. I encourage my couples to set aside time to capture images of their love in beautiful, creative ways. This is my time to show you in your best light – with beautiful, carefully crafted timeless photographs.


Think of your shoot as a sweetly romantic afternoon date. Ham it up, goof off, hold hands, smile coyly at each other… Do whatever makes you happy! I’m there to capture what comes absolutely natural to you. And I’m completely unafraid of making a fool out of myself to get you guys feeling comfortable. Hey, whatever works, right?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you and Pamela know each other?

Pamela and I met in 2009. At the time, I was new to the world of wedding photography, and Pamela was a well-established wedding photographer, having spent several years working in Los Angeles before returning to her hometown, Pittsburgh. In the years since, we have worked together many times. Having had an opportunity to work with Pamela as both lead and supporting photographer, I’ve seen firsthand – repeatedly – what an extraordinary photographer she is.

A good photographer knows how to use her camera properly. Her photos are properly exposed and in focus. A really good photographer also has an awareness of how to use light. A great photographer does all of this, and also frames her subjects in a way that maximizes the emotional impact of the moment and turns it into a story. Not only has Pamela mastered all of these elements of photography, but she also has a gift for anticipating emotion and impactful moments, creating photos that bring you right back into a memory, as if you were there again.

Why do you have Pamela as an associate photographer?

Pamela is an amazing photographer and a great asset to my team! Having two of us increases the odds we are available on your wedding date!

What is the process for working with Pamela?

If you’re interested in working with Pamela, contact me and please note that you would like to work with Pamela in the form. Pamela is available to go through your timeline and answer any questions you have before your wedding! I handle billing, logistics, and overall details. Once the wedding is over, I do all of the editing, print orders and album design.