Several years ago, I was stunned to discover that there was a wedding videographer in McCandless named Christina… who was not me. Both believing that we’d both have lots to gain by sharing knowledge and resources, we got to know each other and became friends.

By collaborating rather than competing, my business and Christina’s, Traveling Heart Productions, have benefited immensely. We give each other editing and filming tips. We lend each other equipment. We share successes and struggles and push each other to grow and try new things. And sometimes, when our bookings don’t overlap, we work together! We do get some funny looks when we show up and each introduce ourselves. “Hi, I’m Christina.” “Hi, I’m also Christina!”

Yes, 2020 was difficult and heartbreaking. But it wasn’t all bad. After the spring and early summer shutdown, weddings were back. They were different – at times they were a little surreal – but they were wonderful. Couples faced challenges no couples have ever had to face before. Changing dates, changing venues, limiting guest count, spacing tables, guests in masks. But every single couple was so happy to be getting married.

For your viewing pleasure, here are some of the beautiful weddings I was privileged to film with Christina (the other Christina!) in 2020.