Here’s a look behind the scenes! We photographers/videographers work hard… but we sure do have a good time too! It’s time to recognize some of the super people that make Pittsburgh weddings happen… and see what a good time we have doing it.

This post is going to be a team effort with my sister video company, Syncopated Pictures, as we had a couple weddings that were team efforts.

Let’s start off with my crazy joyride around Fox Chapel Golf Club. Ok, it wasn’t exactly a joyride. But considering some venues guard their golf carts like they’re Lamborghinis, I was pretty thrilled to have this one to cart all my gear around. Shooting video requires a lot of stuff!

I’m set up for ceremony video at the Shooting Lodge at Fox Chapel Golf Club – tripod camera for vows, monopod camera for getting other angles of parents, bridal party and guests.

Nicki and I getting ready to get some portrait footage of the bride and groom while guests are having dinner.

Photographers and videographers can work in harmony! Pamela directs portraits while I’m capturing video.

Capturing a really sweet moment…just a few steps away from a large pile of garbage bags. I have a shoulder bag, two memory card wallets on my belt and a second camera in a holster belt.

It’s not a short walk to the Block House at Point State Park. Nicki and I were so happy the Wyndham let us borrow a cart! (I bought my own cart a few weeks later.)

You could describe my height as “over five feet.” Ashley, the coordinator at the Wyndham Grand, is very tall. Look at us here! Ha ha! I’m tiny!

Nicki gets Josh all mic’d up so we can hear his vows, including “I will let you eat the mushrooms off my plate.”

Nicki models the first dance so Pamela can check her lighting. Meanwhile I’m shooting something on the sweetheart table. Or randomly crouching for no reason.

I try not to interfere during the reception. But there was that one time that Jen & Josh were in a super bright patch of sunlight as they were about to cut their cake and I asked if they would please scoot over just a little?

It really does take a team to make a wedding day happen. I love my Pittsburgh friendors! Here’s Sara of Caviar & Curls.

Nick of Platinum Fire Productions.

Joy Lager of Beauty by Joy.

Lora at the Omni William Penn makes sure we’re on schedule to get the reception started. I always respect the timeline!

Stephanie of The Blue Daisy making sure Cara loves her flowers.

I LOVE being a second shooter. There’s far less pressure, and lots more room for creativity. I like to leave the primary photographer the occasional surprise self-portrait, like this one at Longue Vue for Alisa.
Alisa capturing sunset portraits at Longue Vue…

My second shooter Erica left me an upside-down self-portrait at Saint Peter’s church.

Meanwhile, I’m in her shot from the balcony. Can you find me? Would have been a lot harder in black and white.

One of my favorites – as I arrived at Longue Vue Club to shoot video alongside photographer Amanda Wilson, I found Amanda’s sister Ashley braiding her hair. Awwww.

This was probably the hardest day ever. I mysteriously injured my back before I even started shooting, resulting in moderate to severe pain the entire day. At the reception, I finally saw myself in the mirror and was horrified to see how crooked I was. But, it was a classic example of how your mind can get you through what you need to get through.

That Aaron Varga is the best second shooter, wheeling my bag for me… wait a second. I was shooting for him. He’s pulling my bag anyway, because that’s the kind of guy he is.

I was beyond excited to have Jorge Santiago second shoot for me in December at the Carnegie Museum.

Jorge captured this next image. Tori, one of the event coordinators at the Carnegie Museum, lays out Christy’s veil as she walks into her ceremony in the Hall of Sculpture.

It’s kind of ridiculous how much stuff Nicki can carry. She has a rolling bag with cameras and lenses, a shoulder bag with more lenses, a bag with light stands and a bag with tripods. Plus, a camera on a monopod. No surprise that she’s a triathlete.

When he’s not guarding the desk, Eric is the mastermind behind all of the Heinz History Center AV needs.

The fabulous women of the Heinz History Center! Suzie, Cara, Maura and Daniella at Cara’s wedding at her own workplace. Heinz History Center Event Coordinators Susie, Cara Nagel, Maura Minteer and Daniella Greeman at Cara's Wedding


Wow, am I seriously perturbed here, or what?! Why am I giving Pamela the look of doom?

Maybe because she was like seven months pregnant and perching on the edge of the Phipps fountain?

Thought I’d get a little self-portrait in the mirror and no one would be any the wiser, but clearly Whitney was on to me.

Lending a steadying hand to the mother of the bride as she puts her heels on.

Eric modeling for me as I test my lighting at Club at Shadow Lakes.

Erica modeling for me as I test my lighting at the Heinz History Center.

I can try to hide, but Erica will find me.

A flash duration is really quick, so it’s pretty remarkable that Erica captured this photo while my flash was going off.

My shot – see how good Erica is? She’s not even looking where she’s shooting. That’s her blonde head behind the main with the green tie.

You can see that Christina of Traveling Heart Productions loves what she does as much as I do! That’s Tamie, The Pittsburgh Stylist, having a good time as well.

Love working with DJ Eric Schiemer! He’s the best.


In the wilds of the Strip District.

And ’round the Heinz History Center.

I haven’t the foggiest recollection of why Pamela is so amused.

Longue Vue is so pretty at sunset! When Nicki and I were shooting video in June and the wind was gently blowing through the tall grass, it was one of the most beautiful settings I can remember being in.

Well, looks like I’ve had enough. See you next year!