It’s now November, and the photos below are clearly from a season gone by. What gives? Well – I posted these photos a long time ago. But, I just discovered that post went live right around the time I had a website malfunction that required restoring the site from a backup. I did not realize that this post must have been published after the backup, and until now, the photos had been lost. As this lovely couple is on the verge of marriage, I wanted to share them now, while they’re still engaged and not yet married!

Cara and Justin had a busy summer, planning a wedding and also moving into their first house. Cara also helped plan lots of other weddings, as she is one of the event coordinators at the Heinz History Center. What a blast for us to collaborate on her own wedding this time!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from Cara and Justin’s engagement session on Pittsburgh’s North Shore.

Cara and Justin, I’m counting the days and minutes until your wedding day – can’t wait!