When I met Theresa and Joe, she explained to me that her church, Immaculate Heart of Mary in Polish Hill, was very important to her. She went on to explain that this importance went beyond the typical attachment to a family or childhood parish. Her great grandparents were actually founding members of the church! They were part of the group that planned and built the church in the early 20th century. As Theresa explained what the church meant to her, I felt honored to have the opportunity to document something of such personal significance.

I had been to Immaculate Heart of Mary once before, around Easter, when these beautiful garlands are draped from the dome. When I mentioned how pretty I thought that was, Theresa stunned me by informing me that she is the one who crawls up through the rafters to hang them!

Immaculate Heart of Mary Church Polish Hill Pittsburgh Wedding

On the wedding day, I arrived a little early so that I would have time to document the beautiful church.

Theresa and Joe’s ceremony was moving and dramatic, particularly the processional: “Summon the Heroes” by John Williams, performed with brass and timpani. Gave me the chills!

After the ceremony, we stopped at South Side Riverfront Park for photos, and then went to the reception at the Sokol Club. Here there was a really unexpected musical selection – their first dance song was the theme from Jurassic Park. Ha!

Here are some of my favorite photos from this happy wedding day.

It was at this altar that Joe asked Theresa to marry him.

Congratulations, Theresa & Joe!