Websites can communicate a lot about your personality. Colors, fonts, logo, language all add up to help a website visitor learn who you are and what you’re all about. But nothing makes people feel they know you like a video. Hearing you and seeing you talk makes your prospective clients feel like they’re in the room with you. This is a great addition to any website! But it’s especially helpful when clients need to feel that they can relate to you personally.

For example, a wedding photographer. Even if you’re a super talented photographer that makes amazing images, no one will want to hire you if you’re creepy. Brides and grooms know that you’ll be with them all day long, and they need to feel a personal connection. They need to trust you.

I created this short promo video for Pamela’s website. Now, in addition to reading Pamela’s About Me page, and looking through her portfolio, brides and grooms can get a sense of Pamela’s personality, and learn all about her approach to weddings.

Full disclosure: Pamela is a part of my photography business, Christina Montemurro Photography. Which may make me biased, but it also means that I’ve seen her work up close and personal, and can speak from real experience about her qualifications. (You can read about our partnership here.) Pamela is s fantastic! I highly recommend her to couples looking for a documentary photographer. She’s got an uncanny knack for capturing emotion, but she creates beautifully composed portraits as well.