Ever since I was little, I’ve found myself questioning everything. There are so many things we accept without much thought because they’re so common, so accepted, so ordinary. But I find myself wondering about so very many things. Why are there so many different kinds of paper towels? Why is pink a “girly” color? Why is a doughnut considered a breakfast food? When a man and woman are getting married, why is the man expected to give the woman a ring, without receiving anything in return?

I’ve also wondered why wedding dresses have trains. After doing a little googling on this, I’ve read a few different possible explanations. The predominant theory is that a long train signified wealth, as it showed off that you could afford a whole lot o’ fabric.

But do you have to have a train? No. You do not. Is it still a wedding dress if it doesn’t have a train? Yes. Yes it is. If you wear a dress while you’re getting married… it’s a wedding dress. Enough said! Of course, I have nothing against trains. They’re beautiful and dramatic, and I love how they photograph. But I’m all for a bride choosing what suits her best.

This is fresh in my mind because of Lisa’s stunning beaded wedding dress by Christina Wu. Lisa’s seamstress worried that Lisa might regret cutting off the train, but that was not the case. Lisa looked stunning in her floor length dress, and it suited her elegant wedding at the Heinz History Center perfectly. Great choice, Lisa!

Christina Wu Beaded Wedding Gown Christina Wu Beaded Wedding Gown Hotel Monaco Light Blue Wallpaper Christina Wu Beaded Wedding Gown Detail of Christina Wu Wedding Dress

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