Many wedding ceremonies include the lighting of a unity candle. I’ve seen similar ceremonies with other materials, like sand, or salt. Brides and grooms will pour different colors of sand into a single vessel. It’s a nice, clear, visual symbolic gesture of the union that’s happening, as these grains of sand or salt can’t be separated.

I saw a different take on this at Kylie & Andrew’s wedding. Loved that they thought outside the box on this one! At their tranquil outdoor wedding, these two concocted a unity cocktail. They enjoy mixing drinks together, so, why not?!

Looking for other ideas?

How about the Unity Science Experiment, posted on Offbeat Bride? Not sure what your family and friends will think? I love the quote at the end of this post on OffBeat Bride: “Guests are remarkably ok with something out of the ordinary.”

Use your imagination, and think about what would suit your personalities, your wedding and your venue. If you’re planning a church wedding, the unity cocktail is probably not for you.