I don’t do a lot of family photography. So when I’m asked to photograph a family, and that family is one I’ve known for almost 20 years, and it’s a beautiful fall day, and the location is my favorite park…. well, it’s a good day, and I’m delighted to do it.

I first met Deb when we worked together at Winchester Thurston School. A long time ago. Since then, we’ve each gotten married, had two boys, and moved from the east suburbs to the north suburbs, pretty much in that order. Come to think of it, Deb did all of those things before me…. except giving birth to the second boy.

Deb, John, Brooks and Logan were lucky to choose the most perfect fall day we’ve had all year for their photos in North Park. I spend a lot of time in this park, and I’ve noticed that this has been a bit of a disappointing year as far as colorful foliage. Here we were in late October, and still a lot of trees are green. What are they waiting for?! But we had perfect temperatures and best of all, perfect light.

My 8-year-old, Jonas (who knows the Brady family), also came along to hold a reflector for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better or sillier assistant.

North Park Photo Boy with Reflector

Here are just a few of my favorites of this beautiful family of redheads. (An aside, I’ve been reading Anne of Green Gables. Somehow, even though I loved to read as a child, I never read it before! It’s fascinating to me that in Anne’s time and place, red hair was considered so horrid. I had no idea. And technically, I’m not reading it, but listening to the audio book, which is so good! I highly recommend the version read by Barbara Caruso, who has brought Anne and her community to life just as much as Jim Dale does with the Harry Potter series.)

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