With the 2015 wedding season getting underway, it’s time for the final Pittsburgh wedding vendor feature. It’s time to feature photography’s closest cousin, video.

There’s good news in the world of wedding video! Gone are the days of long, meandering, low quality movies, and we are now, thankfully, in an era of beautiful, emotional, personal films. And I’m happy to be able to recommend Todd Downs and Brian Henry of Evermark Studios, who are creating stunningly beautiful, compelling wedding films. Read on to hear why Todd thinks wedding films are a must-have.


Brian Henry


Todd Downs

How long have you lived in the Pittsburgh area?

Brian and I have both been Greensburg boys our whole lives. Greensburg is just a stone’s throw outside of the city.

How are your wedding films unique?

Our wedding films are super customized for each couple. We don’t just show up on the wedding day and shoot what we see. We meet the couple ahead of time, talk about their lifestyle, who they are, and get to know them before we ever start rolling a camera. Our films are not cookie cutter, and each is as unique as the couple. That personalized touch is what they love and is what makes our films a success. If we didn’t spend the time getting to know our clients, I’m not sure we would be able to deliver a film that truly captures not just the wedding day, but a snapshot of who they are as a couple.

A lot of couples don’t see a wedding video as a necessity. Why do you think it’s important?

I have a few pictures hanging around our house of our passed grandparents. They bring me joy, but every year at Christmas my family gathers to watch some old home videos we have collected, with past Christmases, tractor rides, birthday parties and pool parties. The moment I hear the voices of those who are gone it brings a whole new level to my memory of them – and these are just grainy old handheld VHS tapes. You can imagine the power these films will have in the future for our couples. Our films capture not just the image, but both the sound and personality of not just the brides and grooms, but their loved ones – the laughs, cries, speeches, and moments where pictures just fall short of doing so.

How many films do you deliver to wedding clients, and approximately how long are they?

Our staple creative highlight films begin at about 4-5 minutes. Then our brides have the options to create accompanying films as detailed as they would like. We can create feature films which run 20-30 minutes, and even full versions of ceremonies if needed.

What does your gear setup look like?

We love our toys, but we don’t rely on our “fun” equipment to make good films. We use them to make our films better, and add a unique flavor to the growing and competitive market. We have the traditional gear that most wedding filmmakers have, but we also carry some “out-of-the-box” equipment . We shoot DSLR cameras with every lens imaginable. We have steadicams, monopods, GoPros, an aerial drone, beautiful spot lights for the dance floor, wireless microphones, and the list goes on.

How many team members shoot each wedding? 

Two is our standard, but we have options to add more if needed.

What are some of the challenges you face on a wedding day, and how do you overcome them?

Time management is a critical piece to success . Making sure we have time to get what we need, travel from venue to venue, and keep to a planned schedule.

Creative thinking in “unfriendly” shooting environments is also a challenge. Finding ways to create beautiful shots with limited resources is a challenge, but because we have met with the bride and prepped her, she understands what we will be looking for and what will make her look great in the final film.

What’s the most common misconception people have about wedding videos?

“Wedding films are boring.” Not if I have anything to do with it!!
“Wedding films are not worth the investment.”  I would argue that they are equally, if not more important the the photos you take on your wedding day.

Photographers and videographers have to work in close quarters on a wedding day. Does this create any issues for you?

Too many cooks in the kitchen is never a good thing. That’s why we talk to the photographers ahead of time to make sure we are on the same page at every turn throughout the day. Many times we are both looking for the same kinds of shots and work off of each other rather than against each other.

Do you do video work beyond weddings?

I have been running a camera since I was 10 years old. Together Brian and I have produced corporate work, commercials, journalistic films, music videos, and all kinds of personal projects. I make a mean home video too  :)

Lightning round!

  • Favorite wedding venue? – My favorite venue from 2014 was Destiny Hills Farm, but I’m bias because we grew up around horses!
  • Favorite restaurant? – Mad Mex
  • Favorite beverage, and favorite place to get one? – Dos Equis…. Mad Mex
  • Favorite place to go for a walk? – On any and every beach.
  • Favorite movie? – Rocky II – I love an underdog story.

Evermark Studios



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