You may have already seen Katy and Gautam’s superb surprise tango. If you haven’t, watch it now: And if you have, you know that these are a couple filled to the brim with determination, perseverance and style. (Not to mention they’re gorgeous.)

But what you haven’t seen is that there’s a lot more to them than their dancing skills. When I first met them, Katy described how she’d surprised Gautam for his birthday with a singing telegram… delivered by a couple of Gautam’s very tall friends in furry animal costumes. Then she told me she’s a West Point graduate, combat veteran, former military intelligence officer who served in Baghdad. And Gautam has spent time in Iraq as well. The stories that followed made it clear that this is a fun-loving couple who never loses sight of the larger world picture, and that they’re determined to do what they can to make it a better place.

It’s no surprise that a couple like this shares some very moving vows, a perfect reflection of who they are individually and together. Those vows, plus a reading by their friend David Osei, form the narrative of their wedding feature film.

Shot on Canon DSLRs by Christina Montemurro and Nicki Dembski of Syncopated Pictures, edited by Christina Montemurro.

Thanks also to:
Photographer: Joey Kennedy
Wedding Planner: Natalie Berger
Venue: The Urban Room at the Omni William Penn, Pittsburgh
Florist: Hens and Chicks
DJ: DJ Zimmie
Katy’s makeup: Lisa Johnson, Kiss and Makeup
Katy’s hair: Cee Cee Johnson
Dance Instruction: Arthur Murray 5th Avenue
Katy’s dance dress designed by Iveta Lukosiute from BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing
Thanks also to Melanie Grady for providing some extra assistance.

Music: “Another Anyway” by the Papers, licensed through Marmoset Music.




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