… you need to commemorate your hard work.

Believe me, I know… Packing the car. Going to practice. Showing up early for games. Washing uniforms. Watching your kid bat. Watching your kid pitch. Over and over and over.

This spring, my 9-year-old son Leo played for a traveling baseball team, the PA Diamond Kings. Our family spent hours and hours dedicated to the team, on and off the field. After a shaky start, we watched them improve and develop into a contending team, winning two tournaments and a second place finish.

I shot many photos throughout the course of the season, but none of them can tell the story of the team the way a movie can. So, here is the team’s spring film, narrated by Coach Matt, aka my husband.

Parents, if you’re interested in a film like this for one of your kids’ sports teams, let’s talk!