When editing a wedding feature film, the 3-4 minute running time requires me to be very selective about what I include. One thing that’s pretty unlikely to be included is the officiant’s sermon. And with a sensual, confident couple like Natalie & Amir, it seems counter-intuitive that it actually was the sermon (performed by Amir’s mentor – a surgeon!) that perfectly captured what these two are all about. These two are clearly joined at the hip, having described one of their favorite activities as “snuggling.” I’m so pleased to be sharing their wedding film, which is full of not just sexy Bible verses, but also a Persian wedding tradition called sofreh aghd, which includes the bride and groom feeding each other honey. I think these two enjoyed that part!


Thanks to: Venue: Omni Bedford Springs

Photographers: Elizabeth Craig and John Craig of Craig Photography (check out their photos from Natalie & Amir’s wedding here.)

Makeup/hair: Marie Bialon

Natalie’s dress: Nicole Miller from Glitter & Grit



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