Everyone knows Google Street View… but are you aware of Google Business View? I recently had the pleasure to create a short film for Chris Vendilli of ProFromGo Internet Marketing that explains what Google Business View is, and the huge positive impact it can have on a business.

Check out Chris’s article: Google Opens Front Door For Pittsburgh Businesses

Aside from the benefits for business owners, it’s great for customers too! You can see very clearly what the inside of a restaurant, spa, market, store and get an idea of whether it’s something you want to visit. As one who loves to dine out, preferably somewhere with nice ambiance, this is huge for me. (In fact, having just clicked on a few of the links in Chris’s article, I just might be heading down to the Sonoma Grille. And please don’t anyone let my husband see the Vangura showroom!

Pittsburgh businesses – I’d get in touch with Chris Vendilli right away to get your virtual tour online!


Many thanks to Scott Kerschbaumer at ESSPA Kozmetika and Patti Danforth at feast on brilliant for their help in creating this video.