As a card-carrying registered member of Phipps, I make sure to visit at least once every season. In looking at my blog history, I noticed that the last time I blogged photos from a Phipps flower show was 2011?!? What have I been doing, working or something?

2013 was the second year in a row that we decided to visit the Winter Flower Show at night. Last year, Phipps launched the Winter Light Garden, which doesn’t look like much by day, but at night transforms the outdoor garden into a lighted landscape to wander through. I think the inside part of Phipps is best seen at night too, with the charm and intrigue of candlelight and shadows everywhere. As always, the flower displays are intricate and clever. Note the lighted glass mushrooms below!
Phipps Winter Flower Show 2013 -1

Phipps Winter Flower Show 2013 -2Phipps Winter Flower Show 2013 -3Phipps Winter Flower Show 2013 -4The boys wanted a photo in the Sunken Garden room. They’re adorable, of course – nothing can change that. But that overhead light – it’s not doing them any favors!

Phipps Winter Flower Show 2013 -5I didn’t bring a flash, but I did come up with a quick solution. With the latest ios on the iphone 5, it’s very fast and easy to turn on the phone’s flashlight function. So Matt acted as light stand and shone the light onto the boys’ happy faces. Much better! Phipps Winter Flower Show 2013 -6I’m trying to teach Leo how to use my camera. He’s doing pretty well! No lighting tricks here – I’m happy if he can just get both our heads in the frame and focus is in the right ballpark.  Phipps Winter Flower Show 2013 -7

Happy holidays to you and your families!