There’s so much in this amazing world of ours to be moved by. Not a day, or perhaps even an hour, goes by that I don’t look around and marvel at people and places and moments. And I often find some remarkable insight when I listen to the podcast 99 Percent Invisible, a “tiny radio show about design.” (Although seeing as their recent $150,000 kickstarter campaign actually raised $375,193, I don’t think they can get away with the word ‘tiny’ anymore.)

A year and a half ago, I heard an episode of 99 percent invisible called “Some Other Sign That People Do Not Totally Regret Life.” In this episode, superstar reporter Sean Cole, a fanboy of poet Frank O’Hara, randomly encounters a fence in New York City. But not just a fence – it’s a fence with the words of a poem wrought into it. Which poet? His hero, Frank O’Hara, of course. It’s a great episode (even incorporates the 99 Percent Invisible slogan “always read the plaque“) and if you’ve never heard the show, it’s a great episode to start with (although Heyoon is probably my favorite).

The text comes from Frank O’Hara’s “Meditations in an Emergency.”

I wasn’t able to find too many photos, though. So when I was in New York City last week, I made it a priority to find what I called “the Frank O’Hara fence.” It wasn’t too difficult. Best of all, I was able to time my visit to the absolutely most perfect time of day – sunset. I couldn’t get enough of the golden light and remarkable shadows. And it’s so extraordinary how different it looks from one side than the other.



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