When I met Katherine  and Matt for the first time, it was immediately clear to me that they had found the right person to marry. Both are so focused, driven, and devoted. I’ll never forget the intensity with which Matt described the moment that he first met Katherine. He said that when he shook her hand, he had an immediate feeling of electricity. It was no surprise to me that the best man toast included the word “spark” because sparks clearly still fly between these two.
We also spent a lot of time talking about family, and I could see how completely open they are to becoming a part of each other’s families.
Nicki, Randi And I very much enjoyed spending their wedding day documenting Katherine and Matt’s commitment to each other, as well as celebration of that commitment.
Here is their wedding feature film, shot by Nicki, Randi, and me on Canon 7Ds and 5D Mark IIs and edited by Randi using Adobe Premiere Pro. – Christina
Many, many thanks to Katherine and Matt’s photography team, Red Lotus Photography for working so closely with us.
Thanks also to Liza Reed, Carnegie Museums of Oakland– reception venue and catering.
Music: “Grow” by Adam Pasion licensed through With Etiquette
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