It’s cold out there! Seems like the perfect time to share a few photos from my trip with my husband last August to HOT Arizona to celebrate a very special birthday (his, not mine).

Who goes to Arizona in the heat of summer? People that love the heat, right? Well – that’s not us, actually. But, Matt had never been to the southwest, and really wanted to, and as he was the birthday boy, off we went. We flew into Phoenix and drove to stunningly beautiful Sedona.

We chose a resort that sits directly in one of the red rock canyons. Wow, was it beautiful! And wow… was it hot! Here I am, really trying to be a good sport by hiking up into the canyon, without drinking all our water in the first ten minutes and needing to sit down every five minutes. I’m a heat wimp.

Matt’s not crazy about the heat, but was way more tolerant than I was. In the afternoon we took a Pink Jeep tour. I asked our driver where all the wildlife goes to get water. He said, “hey, I’ll drive you to one of the watering holes so you can see.” Glad I asked! Being in this pool was one of the highlights of the trip for me. I feel silly saying so, but when you were in the pool, you barely noticed the tables or people around you – it felt like you were just right in the canyon itself. And the water was cool enough to provide some relief from the heat. I could have stayed in there all day. Since it was too hot for this heat wimp to do any hiking or biking, we took another Pink Jeep tour, and along this way saw this “alligator” tree. After Sedona, we spent two nights in Scottsdale… where it was even hotter! We arrived at 8pm, after sunset, and it was still 107 degrees. Everyone always says “but it’s a dry heat!” I say… it’s still really, really hot. Despite the heat, it was a wonderful trip with my wonderful husband and I would do it all again!