While it’s a little unusual for brides and grooms getting married here in Pittsburgh to see each other before their wedding ceremony, it’s not highly unusual. Yet Kristen & Brandon’s first look WAS very unusual. Until this wedding, every first look I’ve seen happened primarily because of the wedding day schedule. If you’re having a 5pm ceremony, you don’t have a lot of time for pictures, so it makes sense to do them before the wedding. But Kristen and Brandon’s ceremony was at 2:30pm and they had LOTS of time for pictures between the ceremony and reception. They decided to do a first look anyway. Why? Because they just really wanted to see each other! And after seeing the way they both lit up when they were together, I could completely understand why. Any aspect of nervousness just disappeared once they were together.

Kristen & Brandon’s movie was shot by myself and Nicki Dembski on Canon 7Ds and 5D Mark IIs and edited by me using Adobe Premiere Pro. – Christina Many, many thanks to Kristen & Brandon’s photography team, Elizabeth and John Craig of Craig Photography for working so closely with us. You don’t want to miss their photos from this truly spectacular wedding.

Thanks also to: Ericka and the Shayla Hawkins Events team, wedding planning Christine Zimmick, Omni William Penn Hotel – reception venue and catering Josh Walker, Limelight – DJ
Endnote: Editing a movie like this is a fairly intense process. I make sure to watch every version on our big TV at home, and this often captures my sons’ attention and they watch it too. Two nights ago I was laughing at something my husband had said and my 4-year-old said, “why are you laughing at Dad?” I said “because he makes me laugh!” He replied, “like that man in Kristen & Brandon’s movie who says ‘as long as you can make each other laugh you’ll always be fine?'” I knew for sure then the movie was on track.
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