Today is my dad’s birthday. Not just any birthday… he’s 70! I know, typically we don’t go into age specifics, but hey… he’s 70! Pretty amazing. Especially given this guy shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, today – his actual birthday – he’ll be taking an exam that will bring him one step closer to becoming a firefighter.  No joke. He’s currently a probie but he’s on his way to becoming a bona fide certified firefighter. At age 70.

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I could go on and on and on and on about the many ways that my dad (“Pop Tony” to his grandkids) is an all-around amazing guy. You really can’t even count the legendary Pop Tony stories floating around my family. But I’m just going to give one example of his fearlessness (as if the firefighter thing isn’t enough) and his generosity.

Last fall, I had to travel to New York for four days. At the time, my husband was recovering from back surgery, and wasn’t up to taking care of our two boys by himself all that time. So, they came and stayed with my parents in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. And my dad thought nothing of taking my two boys on the train from Trenton to New York City.

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In the time I had free, we walked up to Central Park and FAO Schwarz. They also went down to Greenwich Village (Pop Tony’s hometown) and rode the State Island Ferry. No big deal.

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But really none of that is an adventure for Pop Tony. Not enough modes of transportation involved to make it interesting. So this past August, while my (now fully recovered from surgery!) husband and I took a quick trip to Arizona, my parents (Mom gets credit too!) sailed with my boys on their boat from Atlantic Highlands to Jersey City. From there, they took a PATH train into the city, where they roamed Central Park, Washington Square Park and of course, Toys R Us. Car, boat, train… that’s more like it. But no big deal.

Christina Montemurro Photography: NYC December 1-2 &emdash; December 2011-8393

How great is my dad? Not only did he take the boys to New York (twice!), but knowing how much I loathe driving the Pennsylvania turnpike, he also drove us back to Pittsburgh. And THEN made us dinner.

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Happy Birthday Dad! I love you!