Today’s blog post will take us back in time. Not very far back, just back a couple weeks to June 17, Father’s Day.

Our Father’s Day plan was to take my father-in-law, Gary, to the superb brunch at Verde in East Liberty. Innovative Mexican cuisine, tasty craft cocktails, great service…. a range of margaritas… where was I? Right. Father’s Day.

Just a couple days before Father’s Day, my husband Matt and I learned that his younger brother, Zak, planned to join us. This was unexpected because Zak isn’t around the corner – he’s a reporter in New Jersey, 7 hours away from Pittsburgh. He wanted to make the trip and surprise his dad for Father’s Day.

Matt and I decided we’d have a better chance of maintaining the surprise for Gary if we also made it a surprise for our kids. They were surprised to see their uncle appear! Jonas came flying across the room to give him a hug.
We then drove over to Gary’s house and Zak emerged from the car to greet him. All the guys! Clockwise, it’s Matt, Gary, Zak, Jonas and Leo.

Nicely done, Zak, to drive all that way. I know it was much appreciated and we sure enjoyed seeing you too.

Also, brunch at Verde – sooo good. This is the Caballeros Pobres: “Mexico’s version of French toast: egg-battered brioche, stuffed with mild jalapeno cream cheese and mango marmalade, cinnamon-infused syrup.”