Remember Dawn and Adrian? Photos of their elegant, joyful wedding celebration appeared here last week. You may recall that this is where we left them, with a few evening photos in front of the beautifully illuminated fountain behind the Carnegie Museum (the fountain in the front was not turned on). Nice and peaceful. When we’d finished, I said, “Okay, now jump in the fountain!” IN JEST. Of COURSE I was JOKING. The conversation then proceeded something like this:

Adrian: You want us to jump in? This fountain over here?

Me: Um, no, of course not! I was just kidding.

Adrian: Seriously, do you want us to?

Me: NO! I was not serious. Just kidding around.

Adrian: Because if you do, you know, we could…

Clearly, inception of the jumping-in idea had taken hold of Adrian’s brain, and there was no stopping him. The conversation continued with the “we” in the jumping in question changing to “I” and “me” as it was pretty clear Dawn wasn’t going to join him. And then…

Alisa’s angle: This might be what you’d call “All In.”Look at the water just pouring off of him. What did Dawn think of her newly refreshed groom? As we made our way back through the museum (one of us leaving a little trail of drips along the way), one of the museum staff informed us that they had turned on the other fountain for us. So the lovely bride and the soaking wet groom took advantage for a few last photos with the other water feature. After this, my assistant Kevin (who’d been a very effective voice-activated light stand) ran over to tell me that Adrian had one more splash to make. Did he ever! Here’s his race to the finish line. What a great way to end the night! Definitely one of my most memorable wedding moments ever. Well done, Adrian.



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