I’ve met with many, many engaged couples who have asked whether they should hire a videographer. It’s a personal decision, and can be a difficult one. But you know what might make it an easier call? Having the option of a compelling, cinematic, rich movie that tells your story. Not just a chronological rehashing of your wedding day in moving, talking pictures – but a short feature about you, your wedding day, and your relationship with your spouse.

This option now exists here in Pittsburgh! I’m so, so happy to announce that I am teaming up with Randi Voss and Nicki Dembski to form Syncopated Pictures. Want to know more about what this wedding cinema business is all about? Head on over to our site and read more.

While you are there, you do NOT want to miss our brand new three-minute feature of Kayt and Harry’s gorgeous evening wedding at the Heinz History Center.

The show will go on here at Christina Montemurro Photography – for my current clients, nothing will change at all for your weddings this year. It’s really not possible to shoot moving and still pictures competently at the same time, so I’ll be sticking to photography for all my current bookings. And nothing could make me stop loving shooting weddings, so please don’t hesitate to contact me for photography, too!

Any questions, please ask.