Hello blog! It’s been very quiet here as I’ve been working on a number of projects that I’m very excited about. And the start of wedding season is only a few weeks away, so you can expect a lot more activity here coming very soon.

I wanted to remind everyone that the Phipps Spring Flower Show is going on right now. Jonas and I visited a few days before the show officially opened, so most of the displays weren’t finished yet. What we could see looked great though – there’s a windmill in the Serpentine Room! Can’t wait to see that one now that it’s all put together.

This was my favorite photo from our visit. Floating in the Victoria room were these pretty little sailboats. There was an abundance of pink hydrangeas. And since the place was empty, Jonas did laps around the room. I captured him on the far side here.

It sure doesn’t look or feel like spring outside here today, so if you want to pretend, make a trip to Phipps!

Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens
700 Frank Curto Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15213