I’m so happy to share these portraits of one of the most genuinely nice and sincere people I know… Alyssa, aka Miss Alyssa. No, she’s not a beauty pageant contestant… she’s a teacher. Most importantly to me and family, she was my son Leo’s pre-K teacher, and so we’ve always known her with the official “Miss” title.

I don’t remember how many years Alyssa has been teaching pre-K… but it is quite a few. 7? I remember after Leo had been in her class for a couple months that one day I told my mom on the phone that Leo’s teacher “has the same energy and enthusiasm you’d expect from someone just starting out.” I don’t know how she manages to be so patient and attentive with all the kids she teaches, but she does. I’ve had my challenging moments with my kids where I’ve tried to channel my inner Miss Alyssa and think how she would handle the situation.

So, in about seven weeks, Alyssa and her husband Chris will be starting their own family, and so we met this weekend for some maternity portraits.

undefinedI think this one is my favorite. undefined

undefinedChris and Alyssa shared a laugh about how Chris carried their brand new heavy jogging stroller upstairs… then there was some reorganization and it had to go back down… and then back up… or something along those lines…  undefinedWe had expected a rainy day and had planned to shoot indoors, but since we were surprised with this beautiful snow, the parents-to-be braved the cold for a couple minutes. Way to go!undefined

Alyssa and Chris, can’t wait to meet your little boy or girl!