Seeing the world as a photographer is not something I can turn off. I can’t help it. Everywhere I go, I see patterns, shapes and textures that I feel compelled to photograph. I don’t always act on my impulses, of course. There have been times I’ve seen something amazing, but left the camera in bag because of some other important obligation, like making sure my just-turned-3-year-old doesn’t run out into traffic.

But on wedding days, I can let my eyes and camera run wild. Sometimes a photo leaps out at me. Here’s an example from Diane & Chris’s wedding last October.

As soon as I walked into the church, I was struck by the beauty and vibrant color of the stained glass windows. And then I saw Diane & Chris’s basket full of programs. Perfect! I knew the stained glass windows would make a great backdrop.

The only catch is that I did have to get pretty low to get this photo. If I had been standing, the background would have been the pews that the basket sat on, rather than the windows. I had to be shooting up. Like this.

(Thanks to my second shooter Alisa for the photo!)

I have had people remark when they see me in a position like this. I really just don’t even think about it, though. I see the shot, and down I go.