… for three-year-olds.

My little son, Jonas, has a girlfriend, Addie. I know, I know, they’re only three! So perhaps even more amazing is that they’ve been smitten with each other for almost two years. Both were very verbal before they turned two, so “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” were among their first words.

When Jonas arrives at preschool, Addie runs over and hugs him, reminding all the other kids in the room that “Jonas is my friend! MY friend!” Ask Jonas who his girlfriend is, and he’ll tell you it’s Addie. They hold hands in line together and do everything together.

A couple weeks ago Addie told us that she had an “I love Jonas” shirt at home. Sure enough, it made its debut on Valentine’s Day. I was prepared with my camera when I arrived to pick Jonas up, and asked if I could take their picture together.

Well… Jonas does love Addie… but, alas, even the love for a little boy’s 3-year-old girlfriend can’t compete with his love for his mommy. So, while Addie was eager to be photographed with her betrothed, Jonas chose to hide under my legs.

Addie was sad.

Another classmate came over to try to fill in the void. Don’t think it’s working for Addie, though. I detangled myself as I captured this photo, which reminds me a bit of this classic Simpsons moment featuring good old Ralph Wiggum.

Like a good strong woman, Addie decided to move on to her snack and forget all about Jilting Jonas. (Awww…. look… writing on the back, too!)A little encouragement led to a quick hug-and-run.

Love is rough. Sorry, Addie! Happy Valentine’s Day.