There’s no more important part of a wedding day than the ceremony. It’s that moment when you officially become married that the whole day is about! In most cases, the bride and groom have done most of the planning, and are front and center the whole day. Friends and family surround them during the ceremony and witness this key moment.

At Emily and Don’s wedding in beautiful Mellon Park, they found a way to make the guests not just witnesses, but active participants. Guests stood close by and listened to their vows.

At the end of their ceremony, the final reading was shared by many people within the congregation. First a voice came from one side, and read a few lines…… and then another voice read a few more lines… … and then another, and another. I loved this! It was such a wonderful way to really make the guests a part of the ceremony, not just observers. There was such a feeling of warmth and union from the whole group. Kudos to Emily and Don for the great idea, and to all of their family and friends who perfectly executed the group reading and never missed a cue.