On November 13 I attended my last wedding of the year. As a guest! It was rather nice for this last one to relax and just shoot a few photos whenever the mood struck. And of course it was nice to be with my family.

Brenda, the bride, is the sister of my very dear friend Holly. After graduating from law school, Brenda worked for a judge in my hometown of Doylestown, PA. She had the world’s best landlords, my parents. So not only was it nice to be with my husband Matt and my boys, but it was also nice to have my parents there, too. Here’s my mom.

Brenda & Chris incorporated some elephant details to honor Chris’s Indian heritage. Here come Pop Tony and Leo. Let’s also now pause and remember that it is NOVEMBER. And yes, the ceremony was outside at Toftrees Resort in State College. How amazing and lucky were Brenda and Chris to get the outdoor ceremony they so desired? Matron of honor/sister of the bride Holly, with her littlest, flower girl Paige. Leo was very snuggly during the ceremony and kept whispering things to me like, “aren’t the clouds so beautiful?”Without further ado, the happy bride and groom!My mom was also a reader. Leo thought it was neat that what she read was written by another Leo. Jonas was entertained by the programs. Brenda’s bouquet: wow. Some of the deepest, most vibrant color I’ve ever seen. I stepped out of the wait for the receiving line and took a few shots, moving it a little to get the best light… then I remembered that I was a guest and went back to join my family. You can get an idea of those clouds Leo was talking about. Not-quite-a family photo. Leo was too busy running around with the other kids to join us. Thanks very much to Brenda & Chris’s photographer Jim of VJMStudios for taking this photo of me with Matt and Jonas. Count me among the many who look forward to seeing all of your photos of the wedding! Lovely table number cards. And inside the little round box is some tea. The boys were fascinated by the attached scrolls, which turned out to be instructions on how to make tea. Holy amazing cake!!! The icing is a work of art, and the two elephants on top are so cute. Brenda & Chris changed into Indian attire for part of the reception. The end! Note the time stamp on the clock. Superman & Batman here were pretty tired. We had a great time. Congratulations Brenda & Chris!