It’s always rewarding when you imagine a photo in your mind, shoot it, and see exactly what you expected in the viewfinder. While that happens to me a lot, sometimes the result isn’t what I thought I’d get. Or even what I wanted. But sometimes serendipity happens, and you end up with something completely different. And even better.

Like when my family went over to the local high school for some exercise. Little Jonas loves to run on the track, which, of course like everything he does, is utterly adorable.

I thought it would be fun to get a profile shot of him running, using a slow shutter speed for some motion blur. But I got distracted and the little speedster was upon me before I knew it. No time to focus! So I got this gem. A complete blur, but I love it. I especially love that he is running toward the “3” just as he is always getting closer to his third birthday.
Then it was time to rest. How could I resist the leading lines of the bleachers? And yes, I do love the 16-35mm lens. Jonas requested this one.

Just. Too. Adorable.