Laura & Matt met through a mutual friend, Katie Ann. The story is a little complicated and slightly confusing, because Laura also introduced Katie Ann to her fiance, Greg. That’s what friends are for, right? Introducing each other to their future husbands? Nice work to both of you.

Laura & Matt met me at Mellon Park in Shadyside on Sunday evening. It was beautiful – blue skies, puffy clouds, and not too hot. The only catch was that there had been a big craft fair at Mellon Park during the day, and there were still tents, booths and people everywhere. But we didn’t let any of them stop us.

We started down by Fifth Avenue, where there wasn’t too much action going on. (Until we got there.)

I confess, we did ask a few lurkers to please step to the side momentarily for this picture.

Did you know that when you hire Christina Montemurro, you get not just a photographer, but also a dance instructor? That’s right. Here Laura and Matt are practicing their moves.Here they’re trying the move that I know as “the banana split.” Mellon Park has so much to offer. Trees, open space, benches, this fountain…The ivy was so green, despite the hot, dry summer we’ve had. A little off camera lighting helps too. BIG big thanks to Alyssa for coming along to be sure my light stand didn’t topple over, and for helping to carry all my stuff. I try to pack light, but it just doesn’t seem to work for me. As the sun was starting to go down, we stopped for an outfit change and then drove over to the water steps. This was Laura and Matt’s first visit there! I was so happy to see that the water was still there.

What perfect timing for this photo! We arrived right in time for this beautiful light on our lovely city.

I like that you can just make out a tiny sliver of moon in this last one. You could just barely see it.

Laura & Matt – thanks for such a fun evening! I am very much looking forward to your wedding at the Hilton Garden Inn next August.


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