Yep, it’s true. My big boy is off to school. He’s there right now! Although if you ask his little brother, Leo’s on the school bus. I guess he thinks he’s going to ride the bus around all day?

Yesterday was orientation. It was a bit touch and go at first. Mostly go, if by “go” you mean “leaving out the door” and forgetting the whole kindergarten thing. But once they called his name, he went right up and never looked back. What a big boy!

Today was the real test, though. Today was the day Leo would get on the bus and ride all by himself to school. He happily picked out his own clothes and then changed them after I convinced him long sleeves would be a little warm on the sunny playground.

Setting off for the bus stop. (Note what the son of liberals chose for his backpack.)

Jonas was unfazed by the whole thing. (When we were walking back to our house and asked him, “who’s NOT going to school today, he happily cheered, “ME!”)

Let’s hear from the boy himself about this monumental day.

Leo’s First Day of Kindergarten from Christina Montemurro on Vimeo.

Here it comes…

There he goes…

All smiles. What a big boy!

Congratulations my little Leo! I can’t wait for you to get off the bus so I can hear your sketchy, unreliable narrative of everything that happened.