It’s been quiet here on the blog! Last week we headed east to Bucks County, PA to spend a little time visiting family and attend my wonderful friend Michelle’s wedding. We had a fabulous time seeing everyone and squeezed in a lot of activities.

One of these was joining my mom for her weekly CSA pickup at Anchor Run Farm. If you don’t know from a CSA from the CIA, I’m here to tell you that it stands for Community Supported Agriculture. You pay the CSA for a season’s worth of whatever they harvest, and each week you collect a variety of fruits, vegetables and other items. Here in Pittsburgh, this year we’re participating in the Penns Corner Farm Alliance. In addition to fruits and vegetables, we also get eggs and cheese, and have also received honey and bread.

I love garlic. So I thought this was a pretty amazing sight to see inside the barn. Bonus – no need to worry about vampires.

While our CSA is a cooperative of a number of farms, Anchor Run is a single farm. While we pick up a box of items that’s conveniently delivered to another house in our neighborhood, my mother drives to Anchor Run each week to pick up her food. We just take what we get. But at her farm, she selects her own produce, choosing from large bins and weighing it. Last week she was entitled to 15 POUNDS of tomatoes!

Some of the vegetables are U-Pick. Meaning that you walk right out to the field and pick your food right off the vine. So fresh and delicious!

I’ve been working on learning how to use the video function on my 5D Mark II. This seemed like the perfect time to practice. So, below, a 2-minute video of our pick-up last week at Anchor Run Farm. Enjoy!

Anchor Farm Weekly Pickup from Christina Montemurro on Vimeo.