Warning, picture overload! I don’t usually share this many pictures from an engagement session, but I can’t seem to narrow these down any more. Too many favorites!

Julie & Jared met while they were in college. There’s a bit of a story here involving a very cold night  and being two of eight or more people crammed into a phone booth while they waited for a bus. Or something like that. Details are a little sketchy.

We began their session in Mellon Park in Shadyside. This is one of my favorite locations, as it has such a great variety of trees, open fields, brick walls, stone, benches… everything you need. And then there’s also that I only live about four miles away.

They were up for anything. Climb up here in heels? No problem.

They were so relaxed and natural together, and it did not seem a challenge to them not to look at the camera.

She didn’t go all the way in… just a foot. Refreshing.

Thank you, slight breeze for blowing Julie’s hair just a touch.

Maybe this is my favorite from Mellon Park?

So… lots of amazing photos in Mellon Park. But we weren’t done. An outfit change and we made our way down to the North Shore. I love this little quiet spot right on the river just north of the Clemente Bridge.

Once again – they were up for anything! I don’t know if I would have wanted to climb up there, but Julie didn’t hesitate. And then Jared followed.

We were quite pleased to see the moon make an appearance.

Julie even tried to climb up this concrete thing. No luck getting on top here though.

One more outfit change, and we got some night shots by PNC Park and the Clemente Bridge. Look, no off camera flash in this next shot! Just the ambient light. I loved the row of spotlights here.

And then it was playtime on the Clemente Bridge. I couldn’t believe how many people were walking and jogging on the bridge! For a mostly non-residential city, Pittsburgh was hopping.

Goodnight, moon.

Julie & Jared – thank you so much for being up for really anything! (Now I’m left wondering what other crazy stuff I could have suggested, just to see if you’d do it.) I know we are going to have fun at your wedding at the Pittsburgh Zoo’s Water’s Edge in October.


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