Yesterday was the ideal day for a wedding. Beautiful blue skies, a nice breeze, not too hot, not too cold. Perfect for Emily and Tim!

The day began at the Sheraton at Station Square. I found Tim and his groomsmen a bit befuddled by their cuff links.

Google to the rescue. How did anyone ever get married before the Internet?

Emily created all of these bouquets herself. I asked how she knew what to do, and she said she just figured it out, with a little help from the Internet. I still can’t believe she made these! The colors were so rich and vibrant, and they looked amazing throughout the entire day.

Bright green shoes for Emily. Love them, especially with the bright blue sky outside.

And a stunning gown by Melissa Sweet.

Emily and Tim chose to see each other before their wedding. We headed to a secluded spot behind the Sheraton for their “first look.” Here, Emily’s bridesmaids are escorting her down to the patio area. And I believe they were talking about how they would probably need to touch up their makeup, because they were all so emotional and excited for Emily.

Good news and bad news about my second shooter for the day, Ivona Dixon. The good news is that Ivona was fabulous.  Particularly since I had hurt my back two days before, and she graciously helped me not just with shooting, but with carting all my stuff around. Thanks, Ivona! The bad news… Ivona is moving to Texas next month, so it seems unlikely we’ll have an opportunity to work together again. I’ll miss you, Ivona.

Next two images by Ivona.

My view.

We then took a quick stroll through Station Square, stopping for pictures along the way.

I love how the wind has blown Emily’s veil into a flowy S-shape in this next photo by Ivona.

Emily and Tim’s ceremony was at South Side Presbyterian, located, you guessed it, in the South Side. The minister asked the Best Man and Maid of Honor to pinch Tim and Emily so they could be sure they were really, finally, at their wedding.

Just married!

Emily and Tim’s reception was held at the Water’s Edge at the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium. I’ve been to the zoo many times with my family, and was very, very keen to see what it would look like after hours for an event. I’m pleased to say that it was fabulous! The staff was attentive, friendly and detail-oriented. I really loved everything about it, and will have a separate blog post soon going into more detail about the venue.

This is a small, silly thing, but I have to say that I was excited that as a vendor with equipment to carry, the zoo staff allowed me to drive my car (following a golf cart escort) through the zoo to the Water’s Edge. When I told my husband that I had driven in near the monkey house, he replied that he was relieved to hear that the wedding was not in the monkey house. And if you have ever been in the monkey house, you will understand.

In case you’ve never been to the Pittsburgh Zoo, or haven’t been recently, the Water’s Edge houses polar bears, sea otters, sand tiger sharks and fish. There is a large outdoor area designed to look like a seaside town where you can see the animals swimming. And then there is an indoor aquarium-like area with tunnels where you can see the animals swimming overhead. This is where Emily and Tim’s wedding reception took place.

While the polar bears declined to attend, their tunnel still made a striking entryway for guests arriving to the reception. I also want to acknowledge Desiree of Hello Productions for her excellent work as Emily’s day-of wedding coordinator. Desiree and her assistant, Erin, took care of all of the decorations. They also acted as DJs and made sure that everything ran smoothly.

A school of fish swam by as I photographed the candy table.

And thank you, Mr. (or Ms.?) otter, for swimming past as I photographed the cupcakes. (It did take a bit of patience to get this shot.)

I’ve seen this peacock wandering around the zoo on past visits. But there usually aren’t vehicles with shiny bumpers nearby. Apparently this guy is both fascinated and angered by his own reflection. He kept walking back and forth, staring at himself, and a couple times he started angrily pecking at his reflection in the bumper.

First dance, “La Vie en Rose” by Louis Armstrong.

Mother-son dance, “What a Wonderful World” – Louis again.

The cupcakes from the Oakmont Bakery disappeared quickly after this!

Who wouldn’t want to dance in front of an otter habitat?

Last one of the night.

Congratulations, Emily and Tim!

The Credits

Hotel: Sheraton Station Square
Ceremony: South Side Presbyterian
Reception: Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium – Water’s Edge
Dress: Melissa Sweet
Wedding Coordinator: Desiree Wienand, Hello Productions
Cake, Cupcakes & Cookies: Oakmont Bakery


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