It must be that time of year again… I realized that it was almost exactly a year ago that I photographed the well-dressed Brady boys. This time, the Bradys chose to have their session at home. Considering the beautiful azaleas still in bloom, and the beautiful light on their deck, I think this was a wise choice. Logan, do you agree? If you do, please raise your left hand.

Well, there you go. Brooks, if you agree too, how about a big smile?

I showed Brooks the above photo on the LCD screen on the back of my camera. He wanted to see the others I’d already taken, so I scrolled through, and we soon came to a photo I’d taken that morning of one of my boys. Brooks was not impressed, and wanted to me to shoot some more to make that other boy go away.

If you looked at the link above, you may recall that John, these boys’ dad, is a source of endless energy. That hasn’t changed. I think he could have done this all day.

Logan also enjoyed his quiet time with his mom, Deb. This lovely redhead is an old friend and former co-worker. We worked together back in the 20th century, in the B.C.P era. (Before Cell Phones)

Brooks wasn’t going to miss out on some hugs from his mom…

(Technical note: it was pretty sunny in the front yard, but we didn’t want to miss out on the colorful azaleas. I filled in some of the shadows of the overhead sun with some fill flash – a 580ex on camera, pointed directly at them, with the flash exposure compensation dialed down around -2.)

We did get your standard everyone-looking-at-the-camera family portrait. But I’m going to share this one instead, because it makes me laugh.

And last but not least, how often do the grownups get a photo to themselves without the little ones? Pretty much never. So here are John and Deb, looking just as gorgeous and happy as when I first met them so long ago.