Christina Montemurro Wedding Portfolio - bride and groom entrance


Hello there! I’m Christina, a Pittsburgh wedding photographer since 2009. I believe wedding photography should be easy, simple and fun, not overbearing or intrusive. Having photographed well over 100 weddings in the Pittsburgh area, I have experience in many wedding venues, from the elegant downtown hotels to the rustic barns, and everything in between. I also love wedding films, and I’m happy to book photography and video together.

Grab your favorite beverage (I’m partial to chai tea lattes with a shot of espresso, and margaritas, but not at the same time), and have a look through my portfolio. Read these commonly asked questions, and then please contact me and let’s talk. You can also sign up for my newsletter, which features not only pretty pictures, but also wedding day advice, and quick tips on how to improve your own photos.





Genuine. Low-key. Focused.

I can define my approach to wedding photography in three words. Genuine. Low-key. Focused.

I want you to look your best. But still like you. If you’re not ordinarily gazing into the distance with a fierce, sultry expression, your wedding day probably isn’t the best time to start. I’ll offer direction to be sure you’re in a beautiful location with the best possible light, and just enough posing guidance to be sure that you look like a relaxed, happy, gorgeous YOU.



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