Sure, I regularly share photos of happy couples, pretty flowers and fun parties… but now it’s time to take a look behind the scenes. Wedding photography and video is hard work – wedding vendors know very well the feeling of a “wedding hangover” after a long day – but the fun and good times make it incredibly worth it.

So, come on, and let’s take a look at some of the people behind the cameras. This photo of me at Springwood is by Dena of Low-Key Love.

Filming some scenery at Seton Hill University back in March.

Seton Hill University

Did Pamela and I plan to shoot these parallel photos in the pretty prep room at the Heinz History Center (love that exposed brick wall)? Maybe. I honestly don’t remember!

I stopped to talk to this guy while photographing an event at the Carnegie Science Center. He didn’t have much to say.

Mirrors are always good for playing spot the photographer/videographer. Both photos by Pamela at the Fairmont in Downtown Pittsburgh.

I LOVED the prohibition exhibit that spent a few months at the Heinz History Center earlier this year, and wish it could have stayed.

Love it when my second shooters leave me self-portraits to find among all the photos. Here’s one by Erica. And here’s some BTS trivia: Erica is the only second shooter I’ve ever worked with who managed to have a higher shot count than I did… despite  arriving later and leaving earlier. That’s a lot of photos, but I’m not complaining because she is so good.

On our way to Washington’s Landing for a first look. I look pretty comfortable back there!

I am short, but I swear I’m not as short as I appear to be here! Photo by Erica.

“Ok, I’m only photographing the flowers, so your expressions really don’t matter.” Katie: Roger that, it’s scowl time. (How pretty are those bouquets by greenSinner?!)

This time, I really am that short – or, they were that tall. I think they’re straining to hear me, thinking, “speak UP, woman!”? Photo by Pamela.


I’m trying to get the bridal party organized before it starts to rain. Well, before it starts to rain harder. It was already drizzling. Meanwhile, I’m in the ground cover.

This is probably my favorite – it cracks me up that it looks like I’m trying to give some really motivational speech. And it is NOT working. Photo by Erica.

People ask me alllllll the time: “which do you like better, photography or video?” I typically stammer and stutter and try to think of something besides “I really like both.” I will tell you that the biggest barrier to doing video is audio. When you’re the photographer, you do not ever have to mic the groom. Photos by Pamela.

“Am I in your shot, Pamela? I’m just going to smile stupidly instead of moving!”

“How about now, am I still in your shot now?”

I find ways to be taller.

Meanwhile, you never know where Pamela is going to turn up.

My sons are too young to help me at weddings, but my 10-year-old, Jonas, has been helpful at family sessions. He makes babies laugh and helps lug equipment and bags all over the place.

These guys were all in when it came to getting the baby to look my way.

Erica and I had the best time ever in Falls Church, Virginia, when we partnered as a photo (Erica) / video (me) team for an Ethiopian wedding. What a party! It was quite a crowd and we loved getting right in the thick of it. Photos by Erica.

Food isn’t typically something I spend a lot of time on at a wedding. But this one was an exception as the Ethiopian food was so colorful and interesting (and delicious!).

Simultaneous self-portraits!

Light tests. This is a part of every wedding – “can you go stand on the dance floor so I can test my lights?”

This is another favorite, because it reminds me of one of the wedding nightmares I have regularly. I’ve learned that wedding nightmares are common among all wedding vendors! In my dreams, I can’t find my camera, I’m running late, I need a tripod and I don’t have one, I’m lost… and so on. I have to laugh at this photo by Pamela at the Morning Glory Inn because I appear unaware that my camera isn’t on the monopod.


I regret that I have so few photos of Nicki, who has been shooting video with me since 2011! When we’re shooting video it’s hard to remember to shoot photos too. Thanks to Lauren for these photos from the Fairmont!

Nicki at Heinz Chapel.

I’m happy to say that I won the standoff with this bee. I needed to pull that level to pull the camera off the tripod and move it to the next location! First, I tried reasoning with the bee, explaining that it was someone’s wedding day and it really needed to move. That didn’t work, so I grabbed a nearby stick and gently flicked it away. Mission accomplished.

Here I’ve positioned myself behind the bar, using it to frame the couple during their first dance at the Fairmont. Photo by Lauren.

Last one: saying good night and thank you to Susan and Brian. I remember this clearly, saying how much I admired their individuality and how they wanted to spend their day their own way. At the end of every night, I want my couples to have beautiful photos and a moving video, but I also want them to have a great time.

Thanks for following along!