Twice in the past week I spoke to someone looking for a Pittsburgh venue that would allow them to bring in the caterer of their choice. This made me curious and sent me into research mode. I couldn’t find a list, so I created my own!

I found that while there are a LOT of event spaces in the greater western Pennsylvania area, there are very few that don’t require the use of preferred caterers. I can understand why – many of these venues are very unique, with their own little quirks. It makes life a lot easier for these venues when they can coordinate with a caterer that knows just how they do everything. I know I wouldn’t want to use a different second shooter at every wedding!

But I can also understand that you might have an established relationship with a caterer, and want to use them for your wedding. Below is a list of the venues that I have found that will allow outside caterers. Not very many!

Did I miss anyone? If you are a venue that allows any caterer and want to be added to the list, please contact me.